There’s A Lot (of Beer) Brewing in Central Oregon

Legend Cider Kegs representing the large brewing in Central Oregon

Brewing in Central Oregon is having its heyday. And it’s not just beer being brewed here. It’s also craft cider makers and distillers

According to a recent article in the Portland Business Journal, Central Oregon’s brewing and distilling industry is seriously outboxing its weight. Of the state’s Top 25 craft beer brewers by volume (146 in all), 10 are based in the tri-county area, including Oregon’s largest brewery, Deschutes Brewery.

Four of the top 25 distillers call Central Oregon home including the State’s second-largest, Bendistillery.

Plus, four of the top 15 cider manufacturers are based in Central Oregon, including the second largest, Avid Cider.

Earlier this year, C+R Research ranked Bend, Oregon third in the U.S. as the city with the most breweries per capita – just behind Portland, Maine, and Asheville, North Carolina.

Currently, Central Oregon has 41 Breweries, Distilleries and Cider Makers and they continue to receive major awards. In 2017, Sunriver Brewing Company won the Small Brewing Company of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival, among other awards. Oregon Spirit Distillers has received multiple awards from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition for their craft whiskeys, gins and absinthe. And that’s just the tip of what’s been awarded.

Central Oregon is brewing some serious beers, ciders and liquors. If you’re in need of some hands-on taste testing, the Bend Ale Trail is a great place to start.