Credit Associates: Committed to Supporting Our Community

Bend, Ore. – September 8, 2020:  Established in 2000, Credit Associates is a local debt collections agency that takes a unique consultative approach to recover past-due accounts. Through their proprietary processes, they’ve found that when people are treated with dignity and respect, outcomes are favorable for all. Their motto is “Protecting What You’ve Built” for both businesses and consumers.

We spoke with Wes Fischer, Credit Associates President, to learn more about their business and their inherent desire to give back to this community we call home, including a collaborative effort with Laird Superfood and Scissor Bird Sewing & Alterations, called Operation Inspire, a project to supply masks to St. Charles Health System.

EDCO: Tell us more about Credit Associates and what makes you unique. 

Wes: Through the process of proprietary accounting practices, Credit Associates is able to resolve debt conflict much faster for the creditor and with much less burden to the consumer. We take a unique and highly effective approach to the collections process. We pride ourselves on our emphatic personal approach to the collections process when consumer hardship is identified. In many instances, we serve as consultants to develop solutions that benefit all parties. Most important, we don’t get paid for effort, only for results.

EDCO: What type of businesses can you help?

Wes: We serve primarily medical, financial, commercial, and governmental entities. We strive to support all business sectors, regardless of size, in Central Oregon.

EDCO: What are the benefits of having a business in Central Oregon?

Wes: After many years of vacationing and, honestly, trying to spend as much time as possible in Central Oregon, I fell in love with this community and made the decision to move my young family here in 1992. Upon taking over the management of the only locally owned and operated agency at the time, I realized that in order to be a part of the community you must support the community. With this in mind, I started Credit Associates in April 2000. Our mission is to bring more equitable solutions to both businesses and consumers living in Central Oregon.

EDCO: Tell us about the various ways in which you support our community.

Wes: I believe that being local actually requires that one does more than just claim to support the community. Credit Associates has supported numerous initiatives, including sponsoring youth athletic programs as well as providing support and fundraising efforts for a variety of Central Oregon charities and organizations that benefit our unique community.

EDCO: How has COVID-19 impacted your business and how have you pivoted?

Wes: With the issues related to the pandemic, we have seen a large part of our community struggle with debt. In response, Credit Associates has provided consumers with much needed relief via payment deferral and reduction. While this would seem to affect overall recovery performance, we are seeing many consumers using the equity in their homes to resolve issues related to debt, thus, our assignors are not experiencing as much of a revenue loss related to their account listings as one might expect. We’re also seeing more digital communications and more web-based resolution of debt.

Additionally, being a longstanding community supporter, we know that giving back to the community we live and work in is essential to our collective survival. Together, we need to keep our revenue working within our local economy. We try to do our part by supporting local businesses every chance we get.

EDCO: How have you partnered with EDCO?

Wes: It was our relationship as an EDCO member that allowed us to amplify the call for assistance and support for our frontline medical providers through Operation Inspire, an initiative to provide masks to our local frontline workers at St. Charles Health System. This relationship helped provide thousands of needed PPE and nutritional supplements to those most at risk. Through EDCO’s assistance, connections, inspiration, and take action character, three local businesses came together to help those who help us.

For additional information on Credit Associates, visit their website.