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Audio-Visual Support For Any Event

The pressure’s on. You have a big idea for the company-wide meeting and your boss expects something special. Something better than the usual snoozer that no one wants to take credit for.

“I can pull it off myself using Zoom or something, right? How hard can it be?”

If you have ever been in charge of running a corporate meeting, fundraiser, auction, or community event, you know how much work goes into it. No doubt you have encountered an unexpected snafu or mid-event glitch that requires agile problem solving.

For nearly 20 years, the team at Hand in Hand Productions has been handling the audio-visual support for some of the best events in Central Oregon. “Our team becomes part of your team to make sure events go off without a hitch,” explains Owner and Founder Matt Hand. “We have the talent and all the technology to turn an ordinary meeting or event into a dynamic, unforgettable show.”

On a local level, Hand In Hand Productions is known for its ability to deploy large crews to handle complex events — and stream them. Additionally, Matt and his team offer clients their state-of-the-art studio that can be transformed with a variety of staging options.

Matt explains, “When we can work with clients before they’ve gone too far in the planning process, we are able to really guide production efforts towards their business goals. For instance, a livestream production can be repurposed into a video series for long-term use like a campaign or even podcasts.”

The key factors to consider when determining which audio-visual technology to use are the desired level of interaction with the audience and what you want attendees to gain from the experience.


Livestreaming is best used to get informational or promotional material out to the world because it offers a one-to-many format. For example, if two or three presenters need to deliver a message to 50 or more people and you would like to offer attendees an opportunity to ask questions or otherwise engage with the presenters, a livestream could be the way to go.

Hand in Hand Productions offers an experienced, behind-the-scenes tech team for Zoom meetings to take the guesswork out.


A virtual event is similar to livestreaming but infers a higher level of interaction between presenters and attendees. Typically, several people will be talking and engaging in forums such as strategy planning sessions, auction bidding or breakout rooms. For example, virtual events are ideal for organizational planning sessions with breakout rooms for multiple teams and these groups can be brought back together to debrief on outcomes.

Hand in Hand Productions can recommend platforms and work with clients to achieve goals around collaboration and meeting format.


Hybrid events typically take place in person as well as virtually and must allow interactions for both audience types. Regardless of the event format, Hand In Hand Productions knows that good content is now, more than ever, story-based. No longer can organizations rely on a simple sales tool or a call to action – it’s important to tell stories through engaging graphics, video and other multimedia content to convey the message.

For more advice on how to tell your story in a way that resonates with your audience and which technologies will ensure the best outcomes, visit handinhandproductions.com.