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Bend, Ore. – May 29, 2019: You’ll often hear Christine Frazer, Owner/CEO of HR Any Day, say “we’ve pretty much seen it all.” Christine has been a human resources professional for the last three decades. She has been part of some of the most challenging business models you can think of, in some of the most challenging industries out there. HR Any Day was built to handle businesses of any size, at any point in their existence. If you’re a small start-up company that wants to make sure your hiring policies are on the up and up, they can help you. If you’re part of a large multi-national company and need a new handbook for all 50,000 employees, they can help you.

Hear more about Christine Frazer, HR Any Day, and the relationship with EDCO here.

EDCO: Tell us a little about your business background.

CF: I spent nearly half of my three decades as a human resources professional working for the private prison system. That means the majority of my work days were spent behind bars. At least I got to leave each day.

After over a decade of working in the prison system, I wanted a change of pace. That change took me to a five-year career as the Chief Human Resources Officer at Valley of the Sun United Way in Phoenix, Arizona. Nothing could have been more different than my previous experience working in corrections. My time working with a non-profit at United Way was the perfect way to round out my human resources resume. Now I was ready for my next big step.

EDCO: What inspired you to start this business?

CF: After surviving the heat in Phoenix, my husband and I knew a change was in our future. The phone rang, and my husband was offered a relocation to Seattle. We immediately said yes.  It didn’t take long to realize this seemingly great opportunity just wasn’t the right fit either. I was still working in Phoenix, he was working in Seattle, and the situation just wasn’t working.  Although we didn’t understand it at the time, the phone call we’d been waiting for was just about to come. My husband was offered a relocation to Bend. Although my first response was, “Where?”  when he asked me if I wanted to move to Bend, it has been the greatest decision we’ve made.

I quickly realized the small and growing community in Bend was exactly what I’d been looking for. Now I just needed to convince the community that I was what they were looking for.

I began making connections, talking to businesses, and determining whether or not my instinct about the need for a local human resources consultant was correct. Luckily, it was. That’s how HR Any Day Consulting came to be.

EDCO: Why did you choose to start your business in Central Oregon? What Makes Central Oregon business community different? How has this community helped you thrive?

CF: My business model of providing human resources support to businesses that don’t have in-house HR is a natural fit for the growing and entrepreneurial environment in Central Oregon. Companies here want to do the right thing when it comes to their employees, they often just don’t know where to go for the right resources. It’s so wonderful to be a part of helping to fill this void.

Simply said, the Central Oregon business community has embraced me.  I’ve lived many places and have never felt so much a part of the community so quickly as I have in Bend. There is a genuine willingness to help each other succeed that I’ve not seen anywhere else. Although that initially caught me off guard, having come from such a large city, it didn’t take me long to embrace the sincerity of nearly everyone I encountered.

The ability to thrive as a consultant is rarely based on the dollars you spend on advertising. It’s largely due to the relationships you build, and the referrals people are willing to share. The foundation of my business model is based on the many wonderful relationships and partnerships I’ve established in my new home.

EDCO: What projects are you currently working on?

CF: I’m so excited to share three big projects I’m getting ready to launch. In June, I will hold the first-ever, three-day intensive Human Resources Bootcamp. This is for small and growing companies who realize they don’t know what they don’t know. We cover topics from the recruitment and selection process all the way through to how to handle an exiting employee, and everything in-between.

My second upcoming big project is the release of a web-based app called HR Step 1. This app is designed for small and growing businesses who really just want everything HR at their fingertips. After going through a series of questions in the privacy of your own office or home, you’ll receive a summary of areas needing the most attention, as well as a full package of form templates you’re able to begin using immediately.

My third exciting project is my book, also titled HR Step 1. The book follows the app structure and covers all the same topics but provides real-life stories to reinforce, in very relatable ways, HR topics employers likely have, or will, face. It will be available to purchase alone or to accompany the app.

Watch for both the book and app late summer 2019.

EDCO: Your best HR quote/word of advice?

CF: My best HR quote is one I use nearly daily, “It’s good ‘til it’s not.”

EDCO: How did you hear about EDCO and why did you choose to engage with the organization?

CF: EDCO was one of the first organizations I was told to join when I came to Bend. I honestly can’t remember who told me, I just knew it was a must do on my “to do” list. I met with Heidi Hausner, Director of Membership, and immediately understood the value to me as the “new kid on the block”. Heidi helped me see how EDCO was integrated into the community, the resources available, the connections, and the networking. As a new business owner, EDCO became my one-stop-shop.

EDCO: Did EDCO help you and your business? If so, how?

EDCO, and in particular Heidi, has been incredibly helpful for my business. EDCO has helped me navigate the business landscape, provided various resources as I’ve needed for both myself and my clients and provided a wonderful networking opportunity through PubTalk.

EDCO: A final fun question – Think of a professional connection that you made with someone because of EDCO. Now tell us a fun or interesting subsequent personal outcome that came from that professional connection.

EDCO recommended the Small Business Development Center at COCC early in my business development.  I’ll always be grateful for this connection because after the first meeting I realized I had no business quitting my day job at that point. I received great guidance on steps I still needed to take that would enable me to be successful. I took their advice and kept my job for several more months while establishing myself in the community and getting all my ducks in a row. When I finally took the leap into entrepreneurship, I felt fully prepared. Okay, as prepared as anyone can be when jumping off a cliff with the cheapest parachute the sporting gear store has to offer.

I now teach at COCC and often have students going through the SBDC program in my classes.  It’s such a great full-circle situation.

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