January 2021 PubTalk: Andrew McCormick and the IPO Wave

PubTalk Keynote speaker

January 2021 PubTalk Keynote Speaker: Andrew McCormick

Andrew McCormick | General Counsel & Secretary | Laird Superfood

Catching the IPO Wave from Sisters, Oregon

Experience Andrew McCormick’s keynote speech at the January 2021 Central Oregon PubTalk. Andrew McCormick discusses and gives his insight into the biggest IPO to hit Central Oregon in years.

Check out other segments of the event to hear pitches and updates from local companies and start-ups. Our YouTube channel includes the January 2021 PubTalk pitching companies, Astromotive and Velmacchi.

Febuary 2021 PubTalk Keynote Andrew McCormick

About Andrew and Laid Superfood

Earlier this year, Sisters-based Laird Superfood launched a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO), raising over $58 million. Why did this company choose to launch their global products from a small town in Oregon? Why did they decide to go public? Tune in as we hear from Andrew McCormick and the story of how this startup has grown into one of the biggest companies in Central Oregon. Caprielle Lewis, EDCO’s Sisters Area Director will moderate the discussion.

PubTalk Company lineup 

January 2021 PubTalk Pitching Company Velomacchi

Pitching Company: Velomacchi

Founder Kevin Murray

Velomacchi is an adventure travel apparel company that builds premium quality gear for mobile professionals. Each piece is carefully considered and tested for high speed travel. Never ones to follow the status quo, they continually seek out the best craftsmen and the best materials from the best factories around the world, creating a product that drives the category forward.

2021 January PubTalk Pitching Company Astromotive

Pitching Company: Astromotive

Founder Lawrence Sheets

Some of Founder & CEO Josie Johnson’s main passions are cooking and baking. But when allergies led her to go gluten-free, Josie’s Best was born. Josie’s Best produces gluten-free and allergen-free baking mixes from Sisters, Oregon. Recently, they were featured on Good Morning America, further spreading the word of their delicious mixes.

About PubTalk

EDCO’s Central Oregon PubTalk, held the fourth Thursday of the month, is a happy hour aimed at bringing together different facets of the business community in one place to network, share ideas, and further local businesses.