City Maps


Bend Street Map – Shows a detailed view of Bend’s city streets.


Bend Zoning Map – Shows zoning designations for the City of Bend, Oregon.

Bend Enterprise Zone Map – Depicts the light industrial zoned land, through the middle corridor of the city, which offers traded-sector employers, and other eligible companies 3 – 5 year property tax exemptions on certain capital investments that create jobs in the designated areas.


Proposed enterprise zoneProposed Bend Enterprise Zone. 

Bend General Plan Mini

Bend Urban Area General Plan Map – Shows city limits and the urban growth boundary, as well as all land use designations (commercial, industrial, mixed, professional and residential).

Bend Roadway Map MiniBend Roadway System Plan – Shows the current transportation system plan (TSP), including road improvements.

Bend Transportation Maps – Depicts transportation in Bend.

Bend Industrial ME Space Dev NonDev Mini

Bend Industrial and Mixed Employment Map – Depicts development status (developed, vacant, or vacant with physical constraints) of industrial and mixed employment land in Bend.

Bend Commercial Office Space Dev NonDev MiniBend Commercial Office Use Map – Depicts development status (developed, vacant, and vacant with physical constraints) of commercial and office use land in the City of Bend.

Bend Water Service Providers MiniBend Water Service Providers – Shows the areas where the four water service providers (Agate, Avion, City of Bend, and Roats) operate.



La Pine Transportation Map Map MiniLa Pine Transportation Map – An ODOT map showing the transportation system of La Pine.

La Pine Transportation Map Map MiniLa Pine Industrial Park Map – An overview of the La Pine Industrial Park area.


Madras Transportation Map Map MiniMadras Transportation Map

madras_zone_map-2009MiniMadras Zoning Map – Shows the zoning designations for the City of Madras.

Jefferson County Enterprise Zone Map.


Prineville Zoning Map MiniPrineville Zoning Map – Shows the zoning designations for the City of Prineville.

Prineville/Crook County Enterprise Zone Map


Redmond Street Map MiniRedmond Street Map – Depicts major road network in the City of Redmond.

Redmond Urban Area Transportation Map MiniRedmond Urban Area Transportation Plan Map – Shows City of Redmond’s Urban Area Transportation Plan as of August 2008.

Redmond Zoning Map MiniRedmond Zoning Map – Shows city zoning designations and is overlaid with the Transportation Plan.

Redmond Zoning Map w Transp Plan and Trails Plan MiniRedmond Zoning Map with Transportaion and Trails Plan – Shows the Transportation Plan and Trails Master Plan.

Redmond Enterprise Zone – Outlines the two areas in the Cities of Redmond and Sisters that comprise the Greater Redmond Area Enterprise Zone.


Sisters-Street-Map_miniSisters Street Map – Depicts the city streets of Sisters




Sisters Comp Plan Map Mini

Sisters Comprehensive Plan Map – Shows the designations outlined in the City of Sisters Comprehensive Plan.

Greater Redmond EZone Map Mini

Sisters Enterprise Zone – Outlines the Sisters Enterprise Zone

Sisters Zoning Map – Shows the zoning designations for the City of Sisters.

Sisters Transportation Map MiniSisters Transportation Map