GIS Maps & Resources

The state of Oregon has a well developed Geographic Information Service (GIS) office, check out their capabilities here.


Crook County GIS: The GIS department plays a vital role in ensuring that Crook County and the City of Prineville can effectively manage a wide range of geospatial issues.

Deschutes County GIS: Deschutes County Geographic Information Systems data is available for use with your desktop mapping or CAD software. They share GIS data with federal, state, and local public agencies and make it available for purchase by private parties. Below are several of the map applications Deschutes County offers:

City of Bend GIS: The CIty of Bend offers GIS data and mapping services to internal City staff and the public. GIS is used at the City for daily operations, long term planning, and to help make informed decisions for the benefit of our community. Below are links to four of the most frequently requested downloadable maps:

Jefferson County GIS: The Jefferson County GIS section offers data and mapping services to Jefferson County staff and the public.

ODOT Web TransGIS: Oregon Department of Transportation Web TransGIS is a powerful web mapping tool designed for users of every skill level, presenting many levels of complex data in an interactive map format and offering multi-level views of Oregon´s transportation system needs and accomplishments.