Member Spotlight: Introducing Bamberger Design LLC

Runner, triathlete and automation expert Martin Bamberger relocated from Portland to Central Oregon last year as he was launching Bamberger Design LLC, a consultancy that offers creative product and system design, along with support for product release and automation.

With over three decades of experience, Martin has led numerous teams through the challenging yet rewarding process of developing cutting-edge products and automating systems. His technical acumen and personable communication skills have allowed him to drive projects from concept to mass production across industries ranging from outdoor products to semiconductor parts and medical devices. Central to Martin’s love of engineering and problem-solving is his affinity for the age-old question, “How do we do that?”

Beyond supporting clients in answering that question, Martin is committed to furthering the next generation of problem-solvers. For over ten years, he mentored high school students in the FIRST Robotics program and helped build a program at DWFritz Automation to engage employees in working with students, appropriately titled “bring your problem to work day.” This program grew to include a full-size robotics testing facility for local high school students housed at the company.

Of his new journey as an entrepreneur, Martin says, “I love that I get to work with clients earlier on in their design process to make sure they are thinking about how to automate processes during product development.”

His recent work with OTTO DesignWorks on their now patent-pending electrical bike lock highlights the value of engaging a systems and automation engineer early in the product design process. Martin worked with OTTO on everything from material selection and product design to engaging production facilities that could support future growth. His efforts have helped establish the brand as a leader in the portable security market.

As a member of EDCO, Martin is enthusiastic about engaging with the local makers community through events like Central Oregon PubTalk and the Made in Bend Tour. To learn more about process automation and the services available through Bamberger Design LLC, visit