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Gel Energy Solutions - before and after photo of using LED lighting in a warehouse

In October of 2018, GEL Energy Solutions decided to expand its operations from California with a move to Central Oregon. After three years of helping industrial and commercial customers streamline their energy and lighting needs in Northern California, owner Charlie Gerwe saw a vacancy in the Central Oregon marketplace, allowing the company to make the move north.

Today, GEL Energy Solutions is helping companies navigate energy-saving solutions throughout the region. Their turn-key LED lighting process saves businesses up to 70% just by switching outdated, inefficient lighting with high-quality LED solutions.

We chatted with GEL Energy Solutions’ CEO Charlie Gerwe about his move to Central Oregon and how their company can help local businesses.

Why did you choose to move your business to Central Oregon?

I am originally from Oregon and had moved to the Bay Area a few years ago. I knew I always wanted to make it back to Oregon. My first company, GEL America, focused on providing companies these cost-savings solutions with no out of pocket costs. After returning to Bend and seeing there was a space in the market for us to offer these same solutions, I knew the choice was simple. It’s a great place to live and raise a family. It’s been great not only directly helping businesses but also strengthening the local economy by utilizing Central Oregon’s Labor Force.

What is GEL Energy Solutions?

We’re an Oregon business working with Energy Trust of Oregon to help local businesses improve monthly and overall profit by updating their lighting for no money out of pocket. We make lighting upgrades affordable and easy. The great part about GEL’s services is that there is no obligation or any costs to have your facility completely assessed to learn what business decisions can be made for your company.

GEL Energy Solutions focuses on updating both commercial and industrial lighting at no cost to the building or business owner by offering financing methods and turnkey LED lighting solutions. We call it lighting as a service. Businesses that work with GEL never have to worry about their lighting systems again and cut their energy bill by up to 70%. Our customers are positively impacting the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.

What types of companies could benefit from GEL Energy Solutions?

Large commercial and industrial buildings see the most savings, but any building with an energy bill over $300 a month can significantly impact their bottom line. The higher the energy bill, the more savings we can offer.  We enjoy serving a wide variety of businesses in Oregon.

Some of the local businesses that GEL Energy Solutions has worked with are: Deschutes County Jail, Deschutes Children Foundation, Northland Furniture, Smith Brothers Pushrods, Century Market, CLS Fabrication, Columbia Distribution, Roger Langeliers Construction, Cascade Heating, Webfoot Painting, and the Tower Theater.

Any Final Words?

One of my favorite parts about working with our customers is when they realize how affordable and easy a lighting upgrade can be. People think it’s a huge expense that will set them back, is unnecessary, will take a lot of time and effort, and becoming a huge headache. But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. By using GEL Energy Solutions, our local businesses can update their lights, save huge on their energy bills, cash flow positive every month and reduce their carbon footprint without paying a dime.

Learn more about how GEL Energy Solutions provides Oregon commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions.

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