Resonate IP: Law Firm Helping Central Oregon Businesses Thrive

Bend, Ore.,- May 11, 2022-   Founded in May 2021, Bend-based Resonate IP is an intellectual property law firm specializing in trademarks and brand protection.  A blend of big law expertise with the soul of a mountain town, the firm helps Central Oregon businesses protect their business and product names to generate value and ensure protection against competitors.

We sat down with Resonate IP’s Principal, Drew Smith, to learn more about what the company is all about!

EDCO: Tell us more about Resonate IP, the services you provide, and who you can help.

Drew:  Resonate IP represents clients of all sizes, from startups looking to secure their business name to multinational companies expanding their sales into new countries. We pride ourselves in helping Central Oregon startups protect and leverage their business assets and ensure that local businesses are strong, resilient, and contribute to Central Oregon’s enduring economic growth.

From inception to enforcement, Resonate IP offers a suite of services for businesses at all stages of the creative lifecycle, including:

  • Brand Clearance: We help determine whether a preferred company or product name is available. From preliminary searches to deep-dive investigations, it ascertains the risk that a potential conflict will not affect long-term business goals.
  • Brand Protection: We assist brand owners in navigating and obtaining enforceable trademark rights in the U.S. Trademark registration is imperative to any business to secure consumer goodwill and build brand equity.
  • Brand Enforcement: We offer a suite of monitoring and investigative services that provide brand owners insight into marketplace developments and third-party trademark filings.
  • Transactional: We help businesses leverage their IP assets to increase valuation, drive revenue, and enter new markets.
  • International Trademarks: We have access to a trusted network of firms worldwide to secure trademark registration globally and prevent the production, sale, and importation of counterfeit products.

Broken Top Brands, based in Bend, is an example of how we can help local brands.

“Drew was absolutely amazing at walking us through the trademark process. Having enhanced brand protection on the Amazon Brand Registry was a crucial step for our product-based company.  Drew made the trademark registration process easy to understand and has been an invaluable asset to our company.”
Affton Coffelt
Broken Top Brands

EDCO: Share with us more stories of success.

Drew: Recently, we had an opportunity to assist a new airline, Avelo Airlines, in clearing and protecting their brand as they made their debut as the first mainline airline to launch in the US in nearly 15 years. Launching a new commercial airline during a global pandemic is not without its challenges.  The work was rewarding and hit home when Avelo selected Redmond as one of its first regional airports for nonstop flights to Burbank, just another example of how national businesses are looking at Central Oregon’s growth as an opportunity for business expansion.

“We needed a strategy to search, clear, and protect our intellectual property. Drew was quick to identify and implement procedures to secure our brand and has been an invaluable asset to Avelo Airlines.”
Daniel Camejo
Vice President and General Counsel
Avelo Airlines

EDCO: How are you involved with EDCO and why ?

Drew: Resonate IP wants to remain Central Oregon’s trusted IP resource.  Our membership at EDCO is integral to helping us achieve this goal. We look forward to our continued collaboration with EDCO and contributing to economic growth for Central Oregon and its local businesses.

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