The next frontier: unmanned aerial vehicles

If you imagine the horse and buggy era, the only thing that comes to mind is hitch your horse and go — no required training, rules or technology. Now, fast forward to the automobile era. Freeways, traffic signals, licensing, navigation aids — everything is technological.

Next up on the frontier: unmanned aircraft vehicles.

SOAR Oregon has pushed towards the fast-track evolution of the unmanned aircraft systems and unmanned aerial vehicle industry in Oregon. The nonprofit works across the state to create economic development in aerial robotics.

“We are trying to jump from a horse and buggy era to today’s automobile era,” said Mark Morrisson, executive director of SOAR Oregon. “From Henry Ford and building the roads and interstate highways, which took four to five decades. We are going to do the evolution, which took decades, in just one decade. That’s what is so exciting about the UAV/UAS industry and SOAR Oregon.”

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