Stable of Experts

What is the Stable of Experts (SOE) Network?
The SOE Network consists of highly accomplished, seasoned professionals with a passion for startups and small businesses. These individuals generously volunteer their expertise and guidance to help local companies develop and grow, filling gaps and needs at critical junctures and acting as trusted advisors.

Finding an Expert
If you are an entrepreneur that is looking for specific, professional expertise, or a general business mentor, please fill in the following information under Finding an Expert.

Becoming an Expert
Are you passionate about entrepreneurship and small businesses? Do you have in-depth industry expertise and the time to offer local young startups and small companies? We are always seeking to expand our network, as more and more companies come to us for support.

If you are a business leader with expertise relevant to early-stage companies and would like to be in the Stable of Experts LinkedIn Group, please fill in the following under Becoming an Expert.

Questions? Contact Deanne to learn more about getting involved.