Ideate, launch, and scale your startup.

There’s something happening here.

Hailed as one of the country’s top regions for entrepreneurship, we’ve got the ideas, the capital, the talent, and the support network to take startups all the way. In fact, Entrepreneur Magazine recently claimed: “The diversity of people bringing businesses here is astounding. A community of big brains, here because they want to be.”

According to entrepreneur advocacy group The Kauffman Foundation, Bend ranked No. 16 among U.S. metro areas for high tech startup density.

It’s true. Central Oregon is fast becoming one of the most dynamic environments for startups in the country. Here’s why:

  • Those creative “big brains” are cranking out ideas and building their own companies, while tapping an impressive pool of local talent to do it.
  • Innovative, robust business platforms and support programs are busy helping local startups grow smart and fast.
  • Seasoned top level execs from Fortune 500 companies retiring with decades of expertise in biotech, high tech, manufacturing, aerospace, and other industries are actively partnering with new ventures to advise, invest in, and scale companies to success.

Entrepreneurship is in this community’s DNA. After all, we’ve reinvented ourselves from timber to tourism to the diversified economy we are today. Best of all, this entrepreneurial ecosystem is developing in a place where work-life balance isn’t just an empty catch phrase. It’s absolutely real.

“EDCO was very instrumental in not only helping us find our great location, but walking with us on our long journey with the permitting and negotiating process with the City of Redmond. EDCO was a fantastic resource to help coach us on strategies best suited to work with the many people and departments involved in the process, and they helped make us aware of programs and savings available that were previously unknown to us.”

-Brian Mitchell, Wild Ride Brewing

EDCO is at the hub of this dynamic web, connecting entrepreneurs with
trusted advisors, industry experts, angel investors, venture funding, and
the resources they need to launch and thrive.
Here’s how:

EDCO’s Venture Catalyst
Brian Vierra, EDCO’s Venture Catalyst, helps promising, scalable young companies through active coaching and guidance. Questions about any of the events or resources below? Contact Brian.

Stable of Experts
Let us introduce you to our expert advisors who can guide, advise, mentor, and help propel your company to the next stage. EDCO’s Stable of Experts network pairs early-stage companies with local volunteer technical, legal, financial and managerial talent. Reach out for information.

Central Oregon PubTalk
Join us for our popular monthly PubTalk, where entrepreneurs pitch their best new ideas in front of the business and investor community. To learn more about presenting at PubTalk, reach out to: To attend a PubTalk, please visit our upcoming events page.

Bend Venture Conference
The Bend Venture Conference (BVC) is the largest angel conference in the Pacific Northwest. As EDCO’s flagship entrepreneurship event, BVC attracts over 500 attendees, 50 prominent investors and 65 companies to this celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation each year. With separate categories for growth, impact and early-stage companies, BVC aims to garner as much exposure for local companies as possible, and significant funding through the Venture Conference’s own investment.

“Central Oregon has a great entrepreneurial climate with so many experienced, creative people increasing the number of startups. It’s a great place to live and work making capital available locally that is so key to creating successful growth in the region.”
-Julie Harrelson, CEO Harrelson Group

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