The Water Kefir People’s Probiotic Beverages Available Across Central Oregon

TWKP's different flavors

BEND, OR (December 27, 2017) – Bend-based probiotic drink company The Water Kefir People have partnered with renowned natural foods distributor UNFI to increase their product availability across the Pacific Northwest.

Five flavors of the beverages are currently available in stores around Central Oregon, with locations being added to California and Washington in the New Year. Their product line includes five flavors: Hibiscus Rosehip, Dragon Fruit, Lavender Blueberry, and EDCO’s two favorites Turmeric Ginger and Strawberry Basil. The sodas are all natural, GMO-free, dairy free, organic, and kid-friendly.

A healthy alternative to popular beverages, The Water Kefir People offer positive change to the masses. Most beverages do not offer much nutritional value, let alone beneficial probiotics. The demand for tasty probiotic beverages is growing rapidly and The Water Kefir People look to lead this exciting new category.

The Water Kefir People pitched their company idea to a sold-out audience at the March 2017 PubTalk. Since then, they have been growing their producing and distributing their products throughout the Pacific Northwest. Moving production to Bend has allowed them to grow, while also remaining true to their small batch roots.

So next time you are grocery shopping, pick up a bottle or two. Your body (and taste buds) will thank you.

For more info on the company, visit The Water Kefir People’s website.

And for more information on how EDCO can help your start-up, check out our resource page.


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