GROW: Velox Systems Does the Heavy IT Lifting

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Bend, Ore., July 15, 2020 – Velox Systems provides incredible IT services and system support across Central Oregon. What can we say? We may be biased. EDCO’s worked with Velox Systems for over ten years and during that time has had incredible service, knowledgeable technicians and quick response times. They’ve been the technology backbone of many of EDCO’s behind-the-scenes systems, designing networks, completing cloud migrations, and countless other tasks. We chatted with Jordan Smith, Founder and Owner of Velox Systems, about why they choose to support economic development and their partnership with EDCO.

EDCO: Why did you choose to start your business in Central Oregon?

Jordan: Central Oregon is my home. I was born here and after college was lured back by the beautiful summers and thriving economy of 2006. Of course, when that all changed in 2008, I remained here to help be a part of the rebuilding. Companies were battered, and in the absence of a populous workforce, they needed help to regrow. I started Velox Systems in Central Oregon to be a part of that reconstruction by providing companies with the technical skill required to rebuild and succeed.

EDCO: How did you hear about EDCO and why did you choose to engage with them?

Jordan: I’ve been friends with EDCO for a long time. We’ve worked together since 2009 in both technology and community involvement. EDCO inspires and shares our passion for the local economy and the success of the business community.

EDCO: How did EDCO help you?

Jordan: EDCO provides community events focused on business growth and strategy that we needed to effectively start and grow our business into the top IT Services provider in the region. From their monthly Central Oregon PubTalk‘s to internship programs and coordination efforts with local higher education, EDCO’s helped us find team members and partners in the community that has fueled our growth as we, in turn, fuel the growth of those around us.

EDCO: What unexpected benefit did EDCO deliver to your organization?

Jordan: They’ve been a source of inspiration for hosting events. Their events are second to none, and as a company focused on community involvement, Velox Systems has modeled our own events after the work EDCO puts into theirs.

EDCO: Why do you continue to support EDCO?

Jordan: EDCO’s mission is to grow the economy of Central Oregon by attracting new businesses to the area, helping startups with new ideas get off the ground through PubTalk and the Bend Venture Conference and help companies grow by providing events and working with the local workforce community to promote talent. This is my passion for the community as well. At Velox Systems we believe an integral part of economic growth in Central Oregon is that there is adequate technology for all these things to happen. Velox Systems brings talent, technology and vision to businesses throughout Central Oregon so they can focus on what they’re passionate about knowing they have reliable infrastructure to do the job, no matter how big they get. It seemed natural for Velox Systems to participate in EDCO’s mission as a Platinum Member so we can continue to work together for the benefit of our community.


To learn more about Velox Systems’ IT Services and support, visit their website.

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