We’re #1 – Three Years in a Row

Bend-Redmond MSA #1 Ariel photo of snow-covered Bend

The Bend-Redmond MSA has topped the Milken Institute’s Annual Best Small Cities list for the third year in a row!

“Bend-Redmond, OR, sees its third consecutive year ranking No. 1 on the BPC Small Cities index. All of the variables in the Bend-Redmond rank in the Top 20, securing its No. 1 rank this year. The metro’s five-year job and wage growth both rank first and one-year wage growth ranks second, which continues to show the region’s ability to increase high-value employment. Five-year high-tech GDP growth climbed 118 places from last year’s ranking, showing the recent dramatic growth of the high-tech sector. The job, wage, and high-tech GDP five-year growth values are 19.9 percent, 25.2 percent, and 18.0 percent, respectively. Economic growth is also exemplified by a $5.2 million expansion to meet demand at the regional Redmond airport, one of the few options to get people from outside the region to Bend-Redmond.”

For more information on the Milken Institute, Bend-Redmond’s ranking and the methodology behind the numbers, visit their website.

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