About EDCO

Founded in 1981, EDCO is a non-profit corporation supported by private and public members and stakeholders. Our mission is to create a diversified local economy and a strong base of middle-class jobs in Central Oregon. To do this, we focus on helping companies do the following:

Move. We attract and guide outside employers through the relocation process as a resource for regional data, incentives, talent, site selection and more.

Start. We mentor and advise scalable young companies from concept to exit on issues such as access to capital, critical expertise, and strategy.

Grow. We partner with local traded-sector companies to help them grow and expand.


The Team

The EDCO Staff

We’re at the table with you as trusted advisors, advocates, and catalysts. Oh, and cheerleaders. But maybe without the pom poms. see more


The EDCO Board

We recruit the region’s best business minds to our volunteer board to advise, guide, question, and challenge us as an organization.

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You help us build the region’s future, and we’ll help you build yours. It’s a deal.

Central Oregon business begins with EDCO, and joining us as a member is the best way to get connected, get informed, and get things moving. As a membership organization, we rely on our public and private members to keep us on our toes and thinking fast. This partnership has always propelled EDCO and the Central Oregon economy towards a bigger vision. We invite you to be a part of it.

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