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Business Resources

Central Oregon has an active, dynamic business community that has access to a myriad of resources, programs, initiatives, and partnerships designed to propel companies to greater success.

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Mentoring Resources:

Startups and small businesses can tap into the EDCO Stable of Experts network for free advice and mentoring from experienced professionals.

Workforce & Wage Information

Visit the community page for workforce statistics related to that community.

Business Costs

As you consider relocation and expansion, EDCO can help you evaluate and compare the cost factors that will impact your business. The table below provides a comparison of typical business cost scenarios in different states for a manufacturing firm with 20 and 200 employees. Click here for a more complete comparison, or for a customized comparison tailored to your specific needs, contact us directly.

Key Industries

*Other taxes includes any relevant business taxes that states would apply to the business used in the example such as gross receipts taxes. Table source: Business Oregon

*Other taxes include any relevant business taxes that states would apply to the business used in the example such as gross receipts taxes. Table source: Business Oregon

We have identified several primary industries that are a good fit for Central Oregon and are therefore the focus of our recruitment efforts. We selected these industries based on employment growth, average wages, sales growth, and capacity utilization of facilities (plant and equipment). The industries include:

• High technology (software and hardware)
• Biotech (pharma and medical device)
• Recreational/outdoor equipment and apparel
• Brewing and distilling
• Data centers

In addition to targeting industries for recruitment, we also focus on helping existing businesses to grow and expand. Often the very best opportunities for job creation start with companies already operating here. Central Oregon has a diverse economy with a notable breadth of skill, technology, and sectors represented by existing firms in aerospace, semiconductors, software, renewable energy, and medical devices. While some of these are currently only a few companies deep, it is our goal to deepen the pool of companies in the form of new startups, relocations, and critical supply chains in each targeted industry.

Traded Sector Directory

Our 2021 Traded Sector Directory offers a high-level view of industries found in Crook,

Photo Credit: OSU Cascades

Photo Credit: OSU Cascades

Deschutes, and Jefferson Counties, as well as the particular manufacturing or technical capabilities of local traded-sector companies. They include:

• Computer hardware and software production
• Biotechnology
• Aerospace
• Medical device manufacturing
• Primary and secondary wood products
• Recreational equipment fabrication
• Specialty manufacturing

The directory also publishes websites, company profiles, and overviews of various sectors in the region.