Prineville/Crook County

The Authentic Capital of Central Oregon

About Prineville/Crook County

Established in 1868, Prineville is the oldest community in Central Oregon and one of the state’s first incorporated cities. Prineville’s origins are tied to the land in agriculture, forest products, the railroad, and manufacturing.

As a community, we are united in our efforts to grow and diversify Crook County’s economic base, ensuring long-term economic vitality, and providing residents with family-wage jobs. When you visit Prineville and surrounding areas in Crook County, you’ll discover the heritage of a frontier town, the ideals of the area’s family focus, and the pride of a community dedicated to progress.

To provide an overview of Prineville/Crook County, EDCO publishes the 2023 Prineville Economic Profile. This annual report includes a statistical snapshot of the regional economy with trend information about employment, population, and other frequently requested data.

Kelsey Lucas, Prineville Director

Kelsey Lucas, Prineville / Crook County Area Director | (541) 213-3169


Why Prineville?

  • Access to Regional Workforce – Close to the geographic center of the region.
  • Home to National Data Centers – Find out why Apple and Facebook chose Prineville.
  • Access to State Highway System – Direct transportation connections to border states and newly paved commercial trucking routes.
  • Access to Multi-Modal Freight – Prineville owns and operates one of the few city-owned railroads in the country with access to two class 1 railroads (Burlington Northern Santa Fe & Union Pacific).
  • Incentive Programs for Growing and Relocating Businesses – Tax abatement, workforce training, low-cost industrial land, fast-track permitting, and fee reductions.
  • Favorable Business Costs – Competitive power, lease, wage, and tax rates
  • Livability – Boating, camping, fishing, golfing, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, rock climbing, skiing, swimming, tennis, and rafting all within 30 minutes.
  • Recent Investments in Education & Healthcare – Career and technical training in manufacturing at Crook County High School, newly constructed Central Oregon Community College/Oregon State University Open Campus and new easily accessible St. Charles Health System facility.
Kelsey Lucas
Prineville/Crook County Manager
I’m passionate about EDCO and economic development because…
I don’t know what each day will bring, who I will have the opportunity to collaborate and innovate with, and how these different collaborations will work as a catalyst to benefit individual businesses and the community as a whole. Central Oregon is lucky to have very proactive leaders who want the best for their residents, businesses and overall local economy.
I live in Central Oregon because:
It is absolutely beautiful in so many ways – the natural beauty and diversity across each community, the genuine people, the endless list of fun things to do, and proximity to family that I’ve been missing so much!
When not working, you’ll find me…
Exploring somewhere – whether hiking, road tripping, or travelling to new places around the world. I love being outside, new places, and local foods.
My Central Oregon happy place is…
Anywhere with water! I was born and raised in Michigan and love my lakes. I learned to wakeboard on Lake Billy Chinook.
My favorite local beverage is…
A Crater Lakes Pepper Vodka Bloody Mary with a side of Spartan football. Go Green!
Ask me about…
Michigan, Italy, and NYC – all my past stomping grounds