Keep the Holidays Local

Keep the Holidays Local

This holiday season, Central Oregon companies need your support. And there’s no shortage of what is made right here in our own back yard! That perfect gift you’ve been searching for may just be listed below. Happy holidays from EDCO!

For more gifting ideas, make sure to check out Bend Marketplace and this last-minute gift guide from Visit Bend.

Sweet Gifts

Red Plate Foods

Bend, Oregon

Red Plate Foods makes delicious baked goods that are vegan and free of the top 8 food allergens (gluten/wheat, dairy, peanut, tree nut, soy, egg, fish, and shellfish) in a dedicated facility located in Bend.

For a tasty, guilt-free gift, click here!

November 2020 PubTalk Pitching Company Holm Made Toffee

Holm Made Toffee

Bend, Oregon

Founded in Glide, Oregon in 2007, Holm Made Toffee crafts their candy in traditional handmade batches, utilizing Oregon-grown hazelnuts and ingredients sourced from the Pacific Northwest in every batch.

Make this delicious handmade toffee a gift by clicking here!

Sweet Oasis Chocolate

Redmond, Oregon

Sweet Oasis specializes in handcrafted gourmet popcorn, fudge, jelly bites, chocolates, caramels, ice cream, gummiez, lotions, oils, and even massage creams. They are a great source for gift opportunities!

Click here to find a sweet gift!

November 2020 PubTalk Pitching Company Seahorse Chocolate

Seahorse Chocolate

Bend, Oregon

Seahorse believes the yummiest chocolate is a direct result of people who care deeply about the work they do everyday. They find chocolate by seeking partners who focus on transparency and quality in their work, offering direct-trade certified, single-origin cocoa that reflects the craft of the farmers and producers.

Get your Seahorse Chocolate fix here!

Gather Nuts

Bend, Oregon

Gather Nuts is an artisanal whole foods snack company founded in Bend by a nutritionist and plant-based food aficionado. They’re passionate about foods that nurture while doing the least amount of harm to the planet and animals – core values that drive their work.

Click here to snag these slow-roasted tasty snacks.

The Chocolate Company

Redmond, Oregon

The Chocolate Company offers handmade fine chocolates, candies, fresh caramel apples, dipped fruit, dipped cookies, and snacks. All of which will satisfy any sweet tooth!

Click here to explore the long list of delicious goodies offered by The Chocolate Company!

Sisters Olive and Nut Co.

Sisters, Oregon

Sisters Olive and Nut Co. treats every customer as though they were family, offering the very best and most unique products out there. And if that isn’t enough, they offer free samples every day!

To explore Sisters Olive products, click here!

Be-Bop Biscotti

Redmond, Oregon

Be-Bop offers hand decorated gourmet biscottis, that will undoubtedly improve any cup of coffee. These delicious treats are made right here in Central Oregon!

Click here to fill that biscotti sweet tooth!

Justy’s Jelly

Redmond, Oregon

It is not just jelly, it is Justy’s Jelly. Offering many different jelly flavors, including pepper, fruit, and artisan, Justy’s is all handmade locally. Think this jelly sounds like a great gift? So do we!

Click here to explore their different offerings!

Picky Bars

Bend, Oregon

Picky Bars believes that real food is the best fuel. Picky Bars will power you through any workout, long day or race you face.

Click here to make this power fuel a great healthy gift!

Pili Hunters

Bend, Oregon

Pili Hunters offers the world’s healthiest nuts. All-natural, high fat, low carb, vegan, and 100% sustainable, Pili Hunters is sharing this healthy snack with the world.

Click here to learn more about this healthy snack!

Josie’s Best

Sisters, Oregon

Josie’s Best Gluten Free Mixes creates magical breakfast moments for people who once thought they had to give up on Sunday waffles. Plus they are offering the perfect holiday gift box!

Click here to explore their offerings!

Laird Superfood

Sisters, Oregon

Laird Superfood manufactures all-natural superfood products including creamers, coffees, hydration options, and much more!

Check out their products here!

Stavoren Trading Co.

Bend, Oregon

Stavoren is a family business that imports and sells Madagascar, Tahitian, and Mexican vanilla beans. They are committed to bringing you the best products and customer service possible!

Click here to explore this amazing vanilla!

Bend Sauce

Bend, Oregon

Bend Sauce is a chipotle hot sauce company based right here in Bend. They use only natural ingredients and the result is a chipotle sauce that makes any dish better!

Click here to make this tasty sauce a great gift.

Outdoor and Apparel Gifts


Bend, Oregon

Puffin Coolers launched with a single product, a bottle cooler that emulates a mummy-style sleeping bag. The inspiration for this product was simply the realization that Bend is a town known mostly for 2 things: beer and the outdoors.

Make a Puffin Cooler the perfect gift by clicking here!

Sullivan Glove Company

Bend, Oregon

Sullivan Glove is one of the last U.S. glove makers, holding true to their original commitment of enduring craftsmanship. They source American Grade A hides in deer, elk, buffalo, goat, sheep, pig, and cow, and cut leather using decades-old, form-fitting patterns. Every pair is hand-sewn in Bend.

Think these handcrafted gloves would make a great gift? Click here.


Bend, Oregon

BlackStrap strives to set the standard in new innovative clothing and gear…getting you action-ready for any sports lifestyle! And make sure to check out their new line of face masks.

Click here to make this gear a great gift.


Bend, Oregon

Cairn is your guide to finding new and unique outdoor products. The best part? It all comes in a subscription box! Cairn will help you get outside and replenish your soul.

Click here to check out their offerings.

Buckstop Truckware

Prineville Oregon

Buckstop Truckware designs, engineers, and manufactures heavy-duty bumpers for trucks, vans, and SUVs right here in Central Oregon.

Click here to shop these professional-grade accessories (either for yourself or someone else).

Radian Weapons

Redmond, Oregon

Radian designs and manufactures innovative, professional-grade weapons and components that are both dependable and reliable.

Click here to explore their products.


Bend, Oregon

DrinkTanks has been revolutionizing the growler industry through quality and innovation, manufacturing premium stainless steel, double-wall, vacuum-insulated growlers, cups and other accessories.

Make this an awesome gift by clicking here.


Bend, Oregon

Snoplanks are powder oriented snow sliding vehicles, that are surfing inspired both in shape and construction. Each one is made from multiple layers of hardwood and fiberglass, making for the perfect snow-loving gift!

Click here to explore their products!

Pierce Footwear

Bend, Oregon

Pierce Footwear empowers health and wellness with adaptive performance footwear. They are redefining footwear with their SpeedLatch shoes, great for people with disabilities, back problems, and arthritis.

Check out their footwear by clicking here!

Hydro Flask

Bend, Oregon

A quintessential Central Oregon product, Hydro Flask makes double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles, tumblers, mugs and more. Their lineup has expanded to include food containers, lunch boxes and hydration packs.

Click here to find a great gift from HydroFlask!


Bend, Oregon

Sudara is an apparel brand empowering women in India to live in freedom from human trafficking. Every Sudara product is inspired by the beautiful colors and textures from the local culture and is crafted by women in their community.

Shop their great products here!

Bronwen Jewelry

Bend, Oregon

Bronwen offers delicate and durable jewelry designed for active and traveling women. They are made by hand right here in Bend Oregon!

Make this jewelry a great gift by clicking here!


Bend, Oregon

Meet HYDAWAY. The collapsible, ultra-stashable, planet-friendly, go-anywhere way to stay hydrated.

Click here to explore their bottles!

Gifts for Home


Sisters, Oregon

DaydreamHQ is a unique design and build studio creating beautiful, retro wood art that will warm any home or yard. And make sure to check out their wooden Christmas cards and ornament sets.

Check out DayDreamHQ’s amazing products here.

Hardenbrook Hardwoods

Redmond, Oregon

A beautifully crafted custom cutting board is bound to make a lasting impression. Hardenbrook Hardwoods creates beautiful countertops, tables and other custom items, all of which have the potential to be a great gift.

Explore these beautiful products here.


Bend, Oregon

TERRA FRMA is a local company making sure you, your family, your home, and neighborhood are prepared, evacuated, and able to recover from a natural disaster.

Click here to prepare yourself and your loved ones!

Preston Thompson Guitars

Sisters, Oregon

Preston Thompson Guitars builds world-class guitars that are suitable for any fingerstyle or flat-picking in any genre!

Click here to make one of these beautiful guitars a music lover’s perfect gift.

Broken Top Candle Co.

Bend, Oregon

Broken Top Candle Co. is taking beauty and wellness to the next level. They provide quality products that will not break the bank. Their product line includes candles, linen sprays, soaps, and perfumes.

Make this a great gift by clicking here!


Bend, Oregon

Wingo designs cases to protect your devices. Their cases make holding and using your devices easier, more comfortable, and less painful.

Click here to check out their products.

Health and Beauty Gifts

Oregon’s Wild Harvest

Redmond, Oregon

Oregon’s Wild Harvest is dedicated to wellness, farming and science. This family-owned company grows, formulates and produces plant medicine for the whole family right here in Central Oregon!

Check out their products by clicking here.

Coffee & Salt

Bend, Oregon

Coffee & Salt creates unique blends of scrubs and coffee to uplift your mood and soothe your skin. Enhance any bathing experience with these locally sourced sustainable blends.

Explore these beneficial natural scrubs here.


Bend, Oregon

SmartyPits offers aluminum free, paraben free, phthalate free, and propylene glycol free deodorant. On top of this they donate 30 cents from every large stick to breast cancer research and free deodorant to oncology centers, survivor events and non-profit groups!

Click here to check out their amazing products!

Metabolic Maintenance

Sisters, Oregon

Metabolic Maintenance, a family owned company for over 35 years, produces high quality, practitioner recommended nutritional supplements. All manufacturing takes place right here in Sisters. All products are free from common allergens such as dairy, egg, and gluten and do not contain added excipients, binders, fillers, or preservatives.

Click here to give the gift of health this season from Metabolic Maintenance.

Bend Soap

Bend, Oregon

Bend Soap offers pure, nourishing soap, that will enhance your skincare routine and keep your skin happy. Bend Soap cleanses exfoliates, and moisturizes from head to toe.

Click here to make this natural soap a great gift!

Zealios Skin Care

Bend, Oregon

Zealios products provide athletes peace of mind with any training day, race, or workout. Their products are designed and tested by the worlds top athletes, and will give anyone the confidence they need while focusing on performance.

Click here to explore their products!


Bend, Oregon

Axiology offers vegan, planet-friendly lipstick, full of nourishing ingredients such as kokum butter and coconut oil which gives the lipstick their silky, buttery texture.

Click here to make these lipsticks a great gift!

Lora DiCarlo

Bend, Oregon

Lora DiCarlo is a women’s health company focused on helping you get started on your journey toward empowerment.

Click here to view their products!

Food and Beverage Gifts

Oregon Spirit Distillers

Bend, Oregon

Award winning, world class whiskey can be found at Oregon Spirit Distillers as well as other spirits if you are not a whiskey person. They also offer hand sanitizer!

Click here to make these spirits a great gift!

Boneyard Beer

Bend, Oregon

Boneyard was started with one goal. Make great beer. But they offer more than just that. Great food, swag, and other drinks are also offered at Boneyard!

Click here to explore their products!

Maragas Winery

Culver, Oregon

This local winery is in Culver Oregon just north of Redmond. Maragas offers many different types of wine and will absolutely have the perfect bottle for you. They also deliver to the area!

Click here to shop their winery!

Three Creeks Brewing

Bend, Oregon

Three Creeks is a local brewery in Sisters Oregon. Using only the finest ingredients to brew their beers, malts from around the world, Oregon famed hops, and crystal-clear water from our own Cascade Mountains.

Explore their beers and great food here!

Riff Cold Brewed


Riff makes delicious products from only the best ingredients. Riff uses high-quality coffee and coffee fruit from around the world, they are environmentally sustainable and are a member of 1% for the Planet. Check out their awesome products here!

Or click here for their to-go options!

Silver Moon Brewing

Bend, Oregon

Local brewery Silver Moon, is offering a Thanksgiving kit! As well as curbside pick up of both beer and food! They also have a great assortment of Silver Moon swag available.

Click here to check it out!

Faith Hope and Charity Winery

Terrebonne, Oregon

Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards is a local winery with beautiful mountain views. They have a three-level wine club and are now offering curbside pick up and deliveries of their wide variety of wine and food.

Click here to see what they offer!

Sisters Coffee

Sisters, Oregon

Sisters Coffee is a local micro-roaster and coffee house, that creates an authentic coffee experience. This coffee experience is now also offered through subscriptions and would make an amazing gift!

Click here to browse their amazing coffee!

Humm Kombucha

Bend, Oregon

Local kombucha company Humm offers many different delicious flavors, including their very own zero sugar, low-calorie option!

Click here to check out their products!

Gompers Distillery

Redmond, Oregon

Gompers Distillery uses hand-picked Oregon juniper berries, regionally sourced golden pear and hand-picked lavender in their gin. Their spirits are great anyway you wish to enjoy them.

Click here to take a look at their spirits!

Metolius Artisan Tea

Bend, Oregon

Metolius crafts an amazing tea experience. Their tea is ethically sourced, organic, and uses many locally grown herbs.

Click here to get some of this extraordinary tea!

Initiative brewing

Initiative Brewing

Redmond, Oregon

Initiative Brewing offers a fun atmosphere and a wide variety of tasty beers, drinks, and food. All their ingredients are fresh and locally sourced!

Click here to check out their beers and food!

spider city brew

Spider City Brewing

Bend, Oregon

Spider City Brewing is dedicated to bringing people together with their good, clean beer. Offering a variety of different beers for every kind of beer lover!

Explore their beers here!

wild ride

Wild Ride Brewing

Redmond, Oregon

Wild Ride Brewing offers a wide variety of beer, a fun atmosphere, and some great swag to sport all year long. This makes it a must-stop while in downtown Redmond.

Check out their offerings here

Pet Gifts

Majesty’s Animal Nutrition

Redmond, Oregon

Majesty’s makes all-natural easy to feed supplemental wafers and treats for dogs and horses. They are focused on keeping your best friend healthy and happy!

Give your furry friend the healthy gift they deserve by clicking here.

Pawket Treats

Bend, Oregon

Pawket Treats is helping you say goodbye to crumb filled pockets! These rolled treats will be your furry friend’s new go-to and won’t leave a mess behind.

Click here to shop for these treats!



Bend, Oregon

Ruffwear builds dog gear to enhance your outdoor adventures. Their products which include, water/windproof jackets, insulated coats and fleece winter sweaters, are all trail tested and help you keep your best friend with you on all your adventures.

Click here to check out their products!

Spindrift Dog Gear

Bend, Oregon

Spindrift builds gear that helps make the most of adventures without getting in your way. Offering high quality, long-lasting gear such as leashes, collars, harnesses, and running gear!

Click here to check out their gear!

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