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There’s Good News, Too: Oregon Spirit Distillers

There’s Good News, Too: Oregon Spirit Distillers

Oregon Spirit Distillers has been making whiskey for the past ten years…and hand sanitizer for the past ten weeks. They’re still putting alcohol in a bottle, just a bit differently. Deschutes Brewery helped by sending eight full-time employees so they can keep up with the demand for both their award-winning liquors and the production of hand sanitizer.

Plus, their tasting room is open for product pick up.

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EDCO Welcomes Don Myll As New Bend Area Director

EDCO logo, Mount Bachelor landscape


BEND, OR (May 5, 2020) – Economic Development for Central Oregon (EDCO) is pleased to welcome the addition of Don Myll as Bend Area Director, effective immediately.  

In his role, Don is responsible for supporting EDCO’s mission of creating a diversified local economy and a strong base of middle-class jobs in Central Oregon. His focus will be on guiding employers outside the region through the relocation process of moving to Bend and working closely with existing local traded sector companies to help them grow and expand while supporting the broad range of industries that comprise the backbone of the Central Oregon economy. 

Throughout Don’s career, he’s helped lead successful venture capital, private equity and public healthcare companies as both CFO and CEO including Correctional Medical Group Companies, Vericare, ImplediMed, Ambit Biosciences, AMN Healthcare Services, and Daou Systems. He’s worked in companies ranging from startups with virtually no initial revenue to those with nationwide operations and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, guiding both finance and corporate support.

“Don brings great C-level financial and business leadership experience to the role, which we think is perfect timing given our current economic climate,” said EDCO’s CEO Roger Lee. “He has been busy in his first weeks on the job reaching out individually to more than 150 companies to discuss how the current economic situation is impacting them and ways we can help.” 

EDCO would like to thank BBSI, spearheaded by Area Manager Eric Strobel and Recruiter Kat Gardner, who conducted the professional search for the Bend Area Director position. A hiring committee representing different community partners and business perspectives participated on the hiring panel. 

About Economic Development for Central Oregon (EDCO)
EDCO is a non-profit corporation supported by private and public members and stakeholders, whose mission is to create middle-class jobs in Central Oregon by: recruiting new employers to move to the region; helping entrepreneurs start new, scalable businesses; and working with businesses already located here to grow their operations. For more information, visit www.edcoinfo.com.    

About BBSI
BBSI started as a staffing company in 1972 and evolved into a Professional Employer Organization. Over time, we saw that we could make a much bigger impact for our clients by facilitating different conversations with business owners. Helping them see what they couldn’t see before is what drives us. So, we changed the way we do business. Today, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with business owners and are relentless in our pursuit of their success. For more information, visit https://mybbsi.com/. 

There’s Good News, Too: BlackStrap

There’s Good News, Too: BlackStrap

EDCO’s third video in the ‘There’s Good News, Too” series highlights another Central Oregon business working and pivoting through the COVID-19 crisis.

BlackStrap has been making facemasks for the ski and snowboard industry since 2008. In just five days they were able to pivot, keeping their staff employed while also hiring on additional workers. They’ve also been able to save over 90,000 lbs. of fabric from going into the landfill.

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There’s Good News, Too: Humm Kombucha

There’s Good News, Too: Humm Kombucha

EDCO’s launched a series of quick videos highlighting local companies working and pivoting through the COVID-19 crisis.

Humm Kombucha was in the middle of launching a new game-changing product when the COVID-19 crisis hit. Hear from CEO Jamie Danek on how the company has been able to pivot in the face of the pandemic, including hiring workers from another local manufacturer facing layoffs.

Thanks to BBSI for helping us share this story.

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Deschutes Public Library: A Great Resource for Small Businesses

Pictures of Deschutes Library from outside

Bend, Ore. – December, 4, 2019: If you own or are looking to start a business in Central Oregon, there’s a good chance you know Liisa Sjoblom, a community librarian whose work focuses on supporting the business community, nonprofits and those seeking employment. Liisa helps customers with business planning by researching market and industry data. She also assists nonprofits with information on grant opportunities and individuals who are looking to update their resumes.

We sat down with Liisa for a brief Q&A to learn more about how the library is helping small businesses.

EDCO: What resources do you have available for small businesses?

Liisa: The Deschutes Public Library offers a suite of online Small Business Resources that can help with all aspects of your business including industry research, consumer demographics and information about competitors. Access to this information is through the library’s business research site.

EDCO: Are there any costs associated with using these resources?

Liisa: No. All resources and services are free to use. Most resources are available 24/7 from home or office with the use of your library card.

EDCO: How can someone learn more about using the resources?

Through the library’s Book-a-Librarian Service. You can set up a time with a librarian to learn how to use any of the resources. You can also request information for your particular business endeavor. We can pull data and push it out electronically to you and then meet to discuss the findings. We also provide referral services to the business support network in Central Oregon.

EDCO: Tell us about the newly launched business newsletter?

Liisa: The first quarterly edition of Business News went out to subscribers in October. It is for anyone interested in small business development in the region. It features business resources and services available at your library and beyond. Find out about new books and online resources from the library plus other information about library partners and featured websites.

EDCO: How has your partnership with EDCO helped you in your role with the library?

Liisa: Networking and referrals are the most important piece of my work with EDCO. The ability to network with business owners and entrepreneurs at PubTalk, the Bend Venture Conference and other EDCO sponsored events have been invaluable. I’m constantly making connections and talking with people about what the library can offer at these events. I make referrals to EDCO with people that I work with and in turn, I receive referrals from EDCO for their clients. I also make liberal use of the Central Oregon Community information they compile annually. 

EDCO: Any final thoughts about providing support to the small business community?

Liisa: I like helping people fulfill their dreams as they start planning their new business ventures. It’s exciting to hear about what people are planning and then see those businesses succeed. It’s all about connecting people with the information that will make them successful.

Other Library News: 

Growing for the Future
The library is preparing for its centennial celebration in 2020. As the population in Deschutes County continues to grow, the library invites local residents to join in on a series of forums scheduled throughout the county. Here, residents will have the opportunity to be a part of interactive discussions with the library architects regarding future renovation, expansion and enhancement plans for the local libraries. Provide thoughts and insight into your library needs including space, collections, programmings, and services. A list of scheduled forums can be found here.

Start: LeadMethod Immersed in Bend

August 20, 2019 – In 2013 LeadMethod Founder & CEO Justin Johnson moved from Seattle to Bend. Unsure how to immerse himself in the business community, he reached out to EDCO for resources that allowed him to connect with many local leaders, influencers and mentors.

One local resource he connected with was the Bend Venture Conference, and in 2017 LeadMethod walked away from the annual angel investing event with over $485,000 in funding. The winners of the largest Angel Conference in the West kicked their growth into high gear. The money raised from BVC allowed LeadMethod to increase its staff by 50% and move into a new 5,000 square foot office space, giving them both the manpower and room to scale the business while also adding the ability to test new and innovative ideas.

LeadMethod, a creator of the first channel revenue optimization software, allows manufacturers and distributors to get more information on the leads provided throughout the entire sales cycle. With 25% of their customers surpassing $1 billion in revenue, they continue to gain industry trust worldwide while expanding their footprint in Bend.

For more info on LeadMethod, visit: https://leadmethod.com/

Move: Aquaglide Bounces Over to Bend

August 8, 2019 – Last year Aquaglide, one of the world’s premier inflatable water sport product companies, was in the process of being acquired by outdoor industry powerhouse Kent Watersports through Connelly Skis, one of Kent’s iconic brands. EDCO worked with Aquaglide providing location options, cost comparisons and more, to show Kent Watersports the many benefits of relocating Aquaglide to Bend.

After months of back and forth discussions, Kent Watersports was convinced that the move was a financially responsible decision and great for their employees. One year later Aquaglide now operates its headquarters from Central Oregon, with a team of 10 who were hired locally. For Aquaglide, the lifestyle and ability to attract the top-level talent that Central Oregon provides was the defining factor in relocating to Bend.

For more information on Aquaglide and their products, visit their website: https://www.aquaglide.com/